Ford 255 DOHC Indy


Here at Cushman Competition we are striving to be your one stop source for the most desirable Ford racing parts from the 1960's on. As most of you already know we bought complete inventory and tooling and Dan Gurney's All American Racers a few years back. We have since been aggressively searching for and purchasing as many as 255 DOHC Indy engines and parts as we can find. These sophisticated engines were designed to win the Indy 500 and did so many times. As such, they were constantly updated and improved as time went on. They started out with a 255 cubic inch displacement, normally aspirated and evolved to 159 cubic inch turbo charged engine producing a much as 800 HP. These engines cost 25K in the 1960's and are nearly impossible to assemble because of the changes and updates. We have bought everything possible to be able to hand pick our engine kits and assure the buyer that everything fits and works together. These complete engine kits sell for $25,000 and up and can be altered to fit individual needs.

Description  (click for photo) Part Number     Price each
Engine Manual   $25.00
Engine Block C5FE-6010-A  
Cylinder Heads C5FE-6049-B - C5FE-6050-A  
Injectors C5FF-9C663-A  
Front Cover Early C5FE-6C086-B  
Front Cover Late C5FE-6CO86-C  
Inspection Covers C5FE-9A341-A $ 95 set new
Valve Covers FOYT   C5FE-6583-D $ 900 set new
Valve Covers Ford C5FE-6583-C $ 900 set new
Valve Covers Plain C5FE-6583-B  
Oil Pan Aluminum C5FE-6675-B  
Oil Pan Unmachined C5FE-6675-ASY $ 750 new
Oil Pan Mag   C5FE-6675-A  
Oil Gland XE-132075 $ 95 new
Windage Tray C5FE-6A835-B  
Oil Pickups    
Water Tubes C5FE-8A515-A - C5FE-8A516-A  
  XE-132076 - XE-132077  
  C5FE-8A520-A - C5FE-8A521-B  
Sleeves 255 C5FE-6055-A $ 375 set new
Sleeves Turbo    
Oil Pumps C5FE-6604-ASY - C5FE-6A844-ASY  
Turbo Crank Shaft C7FE-6300-A or C $ 395 used
Cam Shafts C5FE-6A266-A - C5FE-6A267-A $ 1000 set used
  C5FE-6A268-A - C5FE-6A269-A $ 1000 set used
Cam Shafts For Regrind   $ 400 set used
Balancer 255 C5FE-6316-1  
Balancer Turbo C7FE-6316-1  
Autolite Distributor C5FE-12100-A  
Mallory Magneto    
Mag Mount    
Mag Clamp    
Distributor Drive    
Front Seal C5FE-6700-A $ 35 new
Rear Seal C5FE-6701-A $ 65 new
Cooper Rings C5FE-6051-A  
Valve Springs C5FE-6513-B  - C5FE-6A510-B  
Spring Seats C5FE-6A536-D  
Alternator Block Off C5FE-10351-A $ 75 new
Aux Oil Pump    
Half Time Gear C6FE-6A259-A  
Crank Gear C6FE-6306-A $ 95 used
Drive Gears C6FE-6A256-A - C6FE-6A264-A  
Idler Gears C6FE-6A256-A  
Cam Gears C6FE-9B362-A - C6FE-6255-A  
Complete Linkage    
Linkage Center Bracket    
Linkage End Brackets C5FF-9C8535-A - C5FF-9C836-A ?  
Linkage Bell Crank C5FF-9A794-C  
Linkage Cross Shaft    
255 Piston XE-130767  
Cam Buckets C5FE-6500-A  
Intake Valves XE-131555  
Exhaust Valves XE-131554  
Spring Retainers C5FE-6514-B  
Water Pump C5FE-8505-A  
Fuel Pump PG-150-A  
Valve Cover Plugs C5FE-6C065-A  
Main Caps    
Rod Bearings    
Main Bearings    
Switzer Turbo    
48mn Webber Intake    
Hewland Bellhousing