Ford 427 Parts


 Cushman Competition is determined to be your one stop source for each and every part for the awesome FORD 427 SOHC motor. These engines have been very rare and very expensive since the 1960s. Those of us who have ever wanted one of these have had to either start an exhaustive and nearly impossible search for all the parts or step up and buy an assembled mystery motor and hope for the best when you took it apart. Now for the first time since the Holman-Moody days you can call or visit a shop full of each and every item needed to build one. We are working with the company's and individuals making each part and will be stocking everything. We are giving a money back guarantee on every cammer item we sell. We are building our own engine from these parts to install in our own 1966 fairlane in the near future. We have an extensive collection of original NOS and used parts on the shelf as well. We have access to the best engines shops if you need any head work or machining. As always call with any questions or stop by the shop if your in the area.

Description  (click for photo) Part Number     Qty Price each
Engine Manual     $35.00
Cylinder Heads RH C5AE-6090-E 1 $7500 set
Cylinder Heads LH  C5AE-6090-A 1  
2-4v Single Plain Int.   1 $1450
Front Cover C5AE-6059-B 1 $1275
Backing Plate C5AE-6B054-A 1 $250
Valve Covers RH  & LH C5AE-6583-U 2 $600 set
Valve Cover Gasket C5AE-6584-D 2 $35 set
Rocker Shafts C5AE-6A557-A 4 $500 Set
Stub Shaft C3AE-6A283-A 1 $275
Chain Guides C4AE-6A292-A - C4AE-6284-A 1 $195 Set
Camshaft Sprockets C4AE-6256-A   2 $250 Set
Idler Asy.   C4AE-6A275-A 1 $160
Tension Asy. C4AE-6A279-A    
Long Chain C4AE-6268-A 1 $60
Cam Bearing Set C4AE-6A286-A 22 $95 Set
Spark Plug Tubes CSAE-12A401-A 8 $200 Set
Ins. Covers   C5AE-6C095-A 2 $40 Set
Pointer   C4AE-6023-C 1 $75
Short Chain C4TE-6268-A1 1 $35
Stub Cam Cover C4AE-6A289-A 1 $20
Dipstick Tube C3AE-6754-A 1 $50
Camshaft Gear Locks C4AE-6A282-A 2 $20 set
Complete Gasket Kit   1 $145
S.S. Valve Cover Stud Kit   1 $13
S.S. Oil Pan Stud Kit   1 $25
Header Flange  Set   2 $95 Set
Head Gasket C5AE-6051-C 2 $190 Set
Cam Shaft Sets   Any Grind 1 $995
Crank Gear C4AE-6306-B 1 $30
Stubcam Lg. Gear C4AE-6A287-A 1 $85
Stubcam Sm. Gear C4AE-6A290-A 1 $110